Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My (Old) Motto

Rule #1. Complaining is for the weak.

Rule #2. Don't feel sorry for yourself

The two rules is what carried me through high school and college. I remember giving this advice to so many people, trying to motivate them or cheer them up. I used to say it to myself and to others, very smug.

I have to admit that when I felt the most low recently, I had to dig deep, real deep and these rules is what I recalled. And what was a little scary is that I almost didn't believe them. Or rather, I didn't believe in myself to live up to them.

I'm clawing my way back. Today was the typical roller coaster: Got a complaint from the neighbor about our contractor doing some damage to their roof. Had my boss insult me and my work in front of my peers. Had my work area line down which will probably affect the quarterly revenue. Was asked to go on a business trip to Taiwan when I know damn good and well that no one can help my wife take care of the kids. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day. Starting to see what's burning me out?

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